Sisi - The fisherman village

Sissi is one of the few villages on the eastern side of Crete that hasn’t felt the influence of the many tourists and holidaymakers that visit Crete every year. It remains a charming little fisherman village with small shops, cafes, bars and tavernas where you can experience the well-known Greek hospitality.
The most appreciated part of Sissi has to be its wonderful port, which looks like an estuary or small river that runs into the sea, but is in fact a feature of natural beauty that has been carved into the rock by the sea over the centuries.
The little port has its place in history; during the Cretan revolution the small port of Sissi was hidden well enough to become an area where guns and munitions were offloaded to arm the Lassithi rebels.
Sisi has a small sibling, a little deeper in the lands, called Epano Sisi. This little traditional village has remained unspoiled by tourism and time.
The area of Sisi is conveniently located close to numerous places in eastern Crete. We have outlined our favourites further in this booklet and hope they will help you spend an amazing holiday. We invite you to explore the island and find all the other hidden gems!

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